Daily Express, Monday 13 May 1985: Fire death club in warning row

A BITTER row broke last night over the Bradford City soccer inferno that left 52 fans 52 dead. A fire chief said he warned the club six months ago that the 77-year-old wooden grandstand was a fire trap.

Daily Express Bradford City FireAnd he claimed his pleas for safety improvements were ignored. But the Club’s Chairman strongly denied receiving any fire brigade or county council advice.

Then came a damning comment from James Tye, director general of the British Safety Council: “If they had tried to design the perfect fire trap they could hardly have done better than that stand”.

To read more from the article click the link below to launch a PDF. The Daily Express on Monday 13 May ran extensive articles inside the newspaper, I’ve collected as many of these as I can below.

Daily Express Bradford City Fire front cover

Daily Express Bradford City Fire inside story

Daily Express Bradford City Fire inside story 2